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Science credits James Watson and Francis Crick with determining the structure of DNA, but their discovery relied on the work of a third party—Rosalind Franklin. Despite her father's rejections, Franklin received a doctorate in physical chemistry at Cambridge University and then returned to England in 1951 to work in the laboratory of John Randall at King's College, London.

The average student graduating from college right now has more than $35,000 in student-loan debt, according to a May 8, 2015, Wall Street Journal article by Jeffrey Sparshott. No one wants to see their child encumbered by such a burden, yet many parents find it difficult to make space in their budget to finance a four-year (or longer) stint in college.

It's a nationally acknowledged truth: Healthcare is the No. 1 cost for organizations today. Research shows that 80 percent of healthcare costs are spent on diseases—such as heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer—that are almost entirely preventable with better nutrition and physical activity. Corporate wellness was originally created as a solution to help reduce health care costs and help educate employees on how to become better consumers in their health. However, corporate wellness also plays an important role in a company's culture.

Those who run successful businesses think about sustainability—a lot! In June, the Local First INsight Series launches the first of five monthly events addressing the implementation of smart and sustainable business practices. Each event will highlight specific business ownership challenges, and featured guests will suggest strategies that could be used to overcome them. Topics will be expanded upon during open table discussions.

No matter how organized you are, time inevitably slips away and your proverbial to-do list is left uncompleted. Let's face it: Even the most organized people could improve upon their time management skills.

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