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Unpacking the places you live inside and out.

You've finally done it. You've successfully taken on the task of clearing out unwanted items from your closets, cabinets and basement. From appliances to clothing and everything in between, it feels good to round up what no longer serves you to make room for what does. What feels even better? Donating those items to organizations who can get them in the hands of those who could use them.

Many people who have houseplants will enthusiastically tell you: the benefits of incorporating indoor plants into your home abound, especially during the winter months. And scientific research backs that up! Several studies—including the NASA Clean Air Study—have found that being around greenery offers a connection to lower anxiety and stress, increased air purification, enhanced cognitive skills, improved mood and more.

Over the last decade, minimalism has vastly dominated the interior design realm, making rooms feel like blank slates with dots of decor sprinkled throughout. And while that's all well and good depending on your style, the gaze of many is being drawn elsewhere ... towards something more—literally.

Decorating for the fall season can feel like an all-or-nothing deal: Either you've got to commit to going full camp or do nothing at all. Turns out, there's actually a pretty simple middle ground. Though there's absolutely nothing wrong with embracing some of the (arguably delightful) tackiness often found in seasonal decor, it's entirely possible to decorate for the season in a way that conveys elegance and fully embodies an elevated overall style.

Decorating your dwelling should be a fun and personal journey, with furnishings and personal touches offering a glimpse into your personal style. Instead of turning to mass-produced art offered by big box retailers (that everyone and their mother has), look to the many local artists creating high-quality pieces right here in West Michigan. West Michigan Woman highlights a few of them below, and gets their perspective on why it's key to look local for your art.

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