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There was a time when I found myself torn between two decisions: to stay in a toxic relationship and allow my daughter to believe that violence equated love, or to flee an abusive situation, leaving behind everything I had, facing homelessness and the unknown.

Last year, my collegiate son FaceTimed me and asked, "Why are my clothes always so wrinkled?" We discussed possibilities. "Using a dryer sheet might help, too," I reminded him.

When my friend Caroline's father showed signs of Parkinson's disease last summer, she moved him from northern California to her home in Wisconsin, providing 24/7 care for several months.

When we're kids and young adults, making friends comes somewhat naturally. School, sports, extracurricular activities, and the neighborhoods we live in all throw us together, and it's pretty easy to meet and connect with like-minded individuals.

Most people know that many children are diagnosed with ADHD each year—and most are familiar with the common symptoms of hyperactivity, trouble sitting still, or the "Squirrel!" form of distractibility (watch the movie Up). What many people don't know is there are three types of ADHD.

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