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The Apr/May issue of West Michigan Woman features Sophia Cerniglia. Peek inside for other real-life stories about topics that matter most to women like you.


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From this issue

School drop off, family doctor's appointments, sports practices for the kids, your book club meetup...in the midst of it all, finding time to simply be alone with ourselves can be difficult.
Since Cannabis was legalized in 2018, it's slowly become a part of Michiganders' everyday lives. At home, in stores, on billboards - cannabis is all around us. But what about the workplace?
This April, Sophia Cerniglia is celebrating her 31st birthday. And while a birthday for most people is always a special occasion, it's especially precious and momentous for Cerniglia - someone who wasn't expecting to live past age 18.
While more than 75% of parents talk to their kids about saving money, only about a third of us broach the topic of investing. Perhaps that's because, like talking to our kids about sex, it can be uncomfortable.