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The Oct/Nov issue of West Michigan Woman features our Woman of the Year for the Fifth Annual West Michigan Woman Brilliance Awards. Peek inside for other real-life stories about topics that matter most to women like you.


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From this issue

Valencia Agnew, Ph.D., DBTC, is a firm believer in showing up and doing the best she can. Though she acknowledges that means not always getting things right on the first try, she's not one to give anything less than her all.
Though it can be difficult to remain motivated to get up and move around as the colder months arrive and the sun begins to set seemingly as soon as it rises, it's vital to keep an active routine for not only your physical health, but your mental health, as well.
The past year has been, if nothing else, a time of constant change. Rather than standing rigid against this tide of change, perhaps it's time to go with the flow and consider a new career.
There's a reason Detroit is viewed as a symbol of resilience, and as it emerges from the latest setback—the COVID-19 pandemic—the city once again proves its strength.