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Some common topics that come up during family discussions—like where to plan your next family vacation, memories from childhood or deciding who will host the next family dinner night—are typically light and breezy. On the flip side, however, conversations surrounding wills, trusts and estate planning likely aren't among those so easily had discussions.

It's true that saving for retirement is indeed different for women. But why? And in what ways can women adjust knowing these factors? To learn more, we connected with Abby Lininger, Financial Advisor with Drake Financial Group, and Laura Corbiani, CFP®, Wealth Advisor with Midwest Capital Advisors.

A new year means a new tax season is right around the bend. Are you prepared? To learn what folks should know and be focusing on right now to ready themselves, we connected with Rebecca Postma, CPA, MST, of Beene Garter, A Doeren Mayhew Firm.

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