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One day I was a healthy 30-year-old woman about to get married. The next, I received a life-changing diagnosis.

It's that time again! The leaves are beginning to turn their warmest hues and the air has gotten crisper, just as the vibes start to get a bit spooky. And while the autumnal scenery truly settles in, you may be looking for a spooky read to really set the tone. Fear not! We've got you covered. From witchy romance to spine-tingling thrillers, keep reading to learn what titles are on our recommendation and TBR (to be read) list this fall.

Do you find yourself rushing out of the door each morning, seemingly with no time to spare? If your mascara is barely dry on your daily commute (and you may or may not be wearing mismatched socks), it can be exhausting feeling like you don't have a single second to spare. It may be time to reassess how establishing a morning routine and giving yourself some room to breathe in the morning could potentially be a game changer for your stress levels.

"Should I? Shouldn't I? What will people think?"

International Transgender Day of Visibility (ITDOV) occurs annually on March 31 and is a day to celebrate all transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) people around the world. To learn more about ITDOV and how the community can be supportive and affirming of transgender and gender non-conforming people, West Michigan Woman caught up with Jazz McKinney, Executive Director, Grand Rapids Pride Center.

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