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Entertain-Super BowlTeams prepared all season for the big game on February 5, and while party planning may not take quite as long, you can get your kitchen ready ahead of time and be able to enjoy the the festivities, your guests, and your delicious appetizers. Try these super recipes for your Super Bowl party. 

Entertain-Centerpieces CroppedSo, you’ve invited your friends over for a little get together. You’ve decided on a simple menu, some fun drinks, and have an idea of how the evening should transpire.

Entertain-ArugulaGrocery List: Farmers' Market Pear & Tangerine, Shaved Fennel, Burrata Cheese Prosciutto San Daniele, Ice Wine Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Entertain-HostessWhen you invite friends and family into your home, you want them to have the best time possible. Here are a few rules by which to live when it comes to being the hostess with the most.

Entertain-CocktailAny gathering, be it your book club or a birthday party, is much improved by a cocktail. Even if you didn’t try your hand at bartending during college (but didn’t everyone?) you can still put a special touch on your drinks. A lovely semi-homemade trick is to use bottled pomegranate juice to make your own grenadine. That’s right, that bright red stuff isn’t cherry flavored at all! It’s actually the sweetened juice of pomegranate seeds.

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