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Unpacking the places you live inside and out.

If you want to enjoy your outdoor space with minimal work, you’re not alone. The number one landscaping trend this year is rooted in low-maintenance, high-hardiness plants. But maintaining a beautiful, albeit undemanding, property takes initial planning. That’s where professionals Kim Blanchard of Knapp Valley Gardens, Dan Monsma of Monsma Landscape & Maintenance, and Kathy Warner of Harder & Warner Landscaping and Garden Center come in.  

To change the look and feel of a room, add a splash of color.

The Sistine Chapel, The Louvre Museum, and the Vatican are all places that come to mind when we think about beautiful ceilings, but this "forgotten fifth plane" is often neglected in our own homes. Why? It's a blank slate, so to speak, with very little obstruction. There are endless possibilities for this area of your home.

Spring is in the air—and for many, so is garden fever! Mary Romence graciously offered West Michigan Woman some of her spring gardening insights. We hope you’ll learn as much from her as we did. 

Following these five simple tips on how to hang pictures will help put the finishing touch on a well-designed room.

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