It’s the Most Clutterful Time of the Year

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Most women wouldn't argue the fact that the holiday season is amongst the most stressful, most cluttered times of the year. Following their first shift (work) and second shift (family and home responsibilities), the holidays could easily feel like a third shift. How could you feel more in control—and enjoy more of what's wonderful about the season? Organization helps.

Julie Bronkema of Rockford-based Julie B. LLC (http://www.juliebllc.com) encourages women to plan in advance, noting, "It's important to have an organizing strategy ready to go as you head into the holiday season." Here are a few of her favorite tips.

Entertaining: Do What You Do Best—and Plan Ahead.
"When it comes to thinking about holiday entertaining, most people begin to panic and feel intimidated," Bronkema said. She reassures her clients, letting them know they can do this. "Do what you know and give it your best. This means sticking to the dishes that are your strong suit—and don't be afraid to order from your favorite restaurant or trade dishes with a friend who makes something fabulous!"

Planning ahead also helps. Bronkema suggests creating your menu well beforehand. Select the dishes you'd like to serve and label them with Post-it notes or note cards. Use brown paper bags or butcher paper to cut out shapes of your dishes to place on the table. "This way, when someone offers to help there's already some direction in place."

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