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Am I the only last-minute planner? Please tell me I am not the only one! If you’re anything like me, this past month has flown by. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I’ve found myself scrambling at the last minute for decoration inspiration and gift ideas for loved ones. 

Even with my good intentions, I must admit that we continue to basically be wine givers when it comes to host and hostess gifts. (Although we did manage to bring a bottle of bourbon for a couple who loves a good drink on the rocks. So, maybe that’s progress!) I think most party hosts would love to receive any of these gifts, and I’m still going to make a good effort to branch out from the wine cellar when attending events at other people’s homes this year!

Don't forget the host or hostess gift the next time you're headed to a party. You could go the standard route and grab a bottle of wine, or keep a few hostess-worthy gifts on hand. Here are a few items that do the trick. 

For some people—many being of the male persuasion—football season is a celebration of team and sport that culminates in a winner-takes-all final Big Game. For the rest of us, it’s a season to endure; an annual period when we lose our significant others to the television for hours on end and our kids devour more chips and soda pop than we care to confess.

Serve up an authentic Mexican dish at your next party with these favorites from Supermercado Mexico co-owner Kerry Olvera! Kerry began sharing her recipes at the request of many, and since February 2013, her blog has received more than eight thousand hits. Activity on Pinterest has also "unexpectedly taken off," Kerry said. "People have enjoyed specialty dishes from my hands and stovetop and ask for the recipe. I'm not one to keep secrets. At least not cooking secrets! I love getting a helping hand in la cocina."

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