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The Fourth of July is a favorite holiday for our family. What could be more fun than warm summer temps, fireworks, and celebrating our wonderful country and freedom? And like any decent holiday, it always includes yummy food—as well as adult beverages, if you're in any way associated with my family.

Wondering where to go when you want to take it outside for a bit? Consider these local favorites!

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance. For many, the day has evolved into one of celebration of those who have served and sacrificed for us all. Many of you will make road trips or attend parades; many of you may head to a backyard barbecue. Whatever your plans may be, I'm guessing there's a dish to pass, a dessert that needs to be made, or a special cocktail that could spice up the occasion. Here are a few suggestions that will keep you in the holiday spirit and certainly be memorable.

Celebrate life’s milestone achievements with the ones you love—and lots of cake! Celebrating life’s big moments, whether a graduation, anniversary, birthday or other special event, honors how we spent our days. Milestone achievements bring people together, for big reasons. And who doesn’t love a party? Sharing with those closest to us that make these moments shine.


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