Last Minute Valentine!

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Am I the only last-minute planner? Please tell me I am not the only one! If you’re anything like me, this past month has flown by. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I’ve found myself scrambling at the last minute for decoration inspiration and gift ideas for loved ones. 

But stress no more! Here are quick and easy decoration and gift ideas that are bound to impress your loved ones—while allowing you to relax and enjoy the holiday. 

1. If we are being honest with ourselves, sweets usually win over our hearts. Bake sweets for the ones you love, and you will be sure to win over their hearts and bellies! 

2. Being craft-challenged should not scare you away from this next idea. Create a heart-shaped banner by cutting festive craft paper into hearts and displaying them on a string above any entrance in your house. Burlap always adds a touch of flavor to the design. 

3. Channel your inner Martha Stewart (I know you all can!) and get out your craft supplies to make homemade cards. Making homemade cards lets you get your creative juices flowing and the glitter flying, while tailoring the card to anyone special in your life!

4. All of you Pinterest addicts will love this next idea, easily made from items you have around the house. Grab your empty Mason jars and fill them with candy, recipes, and goodies that anyone will be sure to love. You can even dip them in glitter and fill them with flowers, to help decorate around the house. 

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Written by: Molly O’Brien is Serendipity’s marketing intern. She is a senior at Hope College with a degree in Communication with minors in Management and Leadership. With a hyper personality she is always staying busy. Whether it is volunteering, traveling, golfing, and staying involved with her sorority she loves spending her time with friends and family. 


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