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Wellness-Echinacea CroppedEchinacea is an herbal remedy that can be backed by most old wives' tales. While boosting the immune system, Echinacea can promote healthy white blood cell stimulation in the body to ward off viruses and bacterial growth. While there may not be a cure for the common cold, Echinacea is surely a tough component to this wide-spread illness.

Wellness-Beat Wintertime IllnessGerms are lurking everywhere, cell phones, credit cards, door knobs and steering wheels. Beat wintertime illness this season by equipping yourself with knowledge, rest and lots of hand sanitizer.

Wellness-LotionYour Skin Doesn't Have to Go Thirsty this Winter. 

When winter zaps moisture out of the air, it affects your skin. As Jack Frost nips at your nose, and hands, elbows, feet, etc., you'll be ready by hydrating.

bacteriaBacteria can be both helpful and harmful to people. Many bacteria are harmless and needed. They coat our skin, which helps protect us, and live in our intestines to help fend off bad bacteria. For example, it is the bacteria in our stomachs that help us digest food. But when we come into contact with harmful bacteria and they take over, that’s when we become sick.

yogaamberYou’ve made it through the holidays, now take some time to relax your subconsciously scrunched up shoulders, and remember to breathe. If you’re looking for a way to give yourself a little me-time while staying fit this winter, yoga could be your perfect catch all. Improve your over all health with yoga this winter.

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