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Love a good high-low mix? We talked with two fashion experts about that fun balancing act of pricier and less pricey style.

Winter has arrived. Many in West Michigan say this with disdain, but not the staff and customers of Bill & Paul's Sporthaus! With a store full of new brands and products, this crowd is gearing up for a season full of fun.

Animal print runs wild this season. It's a mood. It's also now a neutral. You need to get on board the leopard print train—or get run over!

You know it well: The dry, itchy, insatiable, unbearable feeling of winter sucking any sign of moisture out of the air (and your skin). It's an unfortunate con to the few pros this snowy season brings along, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer in dehydrated silence. Behold all the tips and products from the West Michigan Woman staff you need to be your best glowy self!

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