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It's been long said that everything comes back around eventually when it comes to fashion. As far as I can tell, that statement is pretty dang accurate. My mother would agree, as she helped me shop for the biggest bell bottom jeans I could find while in fifth grade (the same pair I'd later rip in gym class while doing a Sporty Spice-inspired high kick).

Injectable treatments for aesthetic purposes are far from rare these days, especially among millennials, yet the topic remains taboo for many. Researching the subject can almost feel like a dirty little secret you're trying to keep (Psst ... you're far from alone). To understand more about injectables and how to learn if they're right for you, we tapped the expertise of Meredith Kent, MS PA-C, Owner of Skin CoLAB in Ada.

Just like how I feel society tricked me into using scented everything when I was a teenager, I feel duped that for years I thought disposable makeup remover wipes were the end-all-be-all option for removing my makeup at the end of the day.

Whether you're scoping out a stylish gift for a loved one or treating yourself to something spectacular to don at your next festive gathering, these dynamic downtown areas are filled with local gems waiting to be explored this holiday season. Pour yourself a hot chocolate and get your list ready—we're going shopping.

The coziest time of the year is finally here and we couldn't be more ready to embrace the moodiness of the season with some quintessential fall fashion.

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