What Should I Wear to My Job Interview?

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You've secured an interview for a potential new job, and it's safe to say you're pumped. After the excitement settles, you head to your closet to pick out the perfect outfit, only to be left feeling less than enthused about your options. What do people wear to interviews these days, anyway? To learn more about honing in on interview style in today's world (even over Zoom), we tapped the expertise of Michelle Krick, fashion expert, wardrobe stylist, personal shopper and owner of Michelle Krick Style.

First, regardless of your age, industry or size, Krick emphasizes the importance of your clothing representing your personal style—even in an interview. And though the casual vibes have gone up over the last two years, the same doesn't necessarily apply for job interviews.

"You always want to dress your best for an interview—it's your first impression without saying a word," Krick said, noting some current trends perfectly suited (pun intended) for your next interview. "Blazers are having a moment right now. Not only boyfriend blazers, but structured blazers and cropped styling too, with a ton of emphasis on color and detailing."

Wide leg pants are also a hot commodity at the moment.

"This silhouette can make you look long and lean, and pairs well with a blazer or a blouse. This is a simple way to add a trend element yet keep things interview appropriate," Krick said, adding that proper fit is critical. "Power suiting is also a great option (think monochromatic sets). This look can create a great power message, but can be worn differently as separates in the future."

Accessories shouldn't be forgotten, but it's important they don't dominate your look or distract. Krick says what's hot right now are fresh updates to classic pieces.

"Chains continue to be big, but the newest impact is oversized chains. And hoops will always be a staple, but the trend now includes interesting shapes, braiding, links and more."

When it comes to Zoom, Krick suggests incorporating an interesting pattern or color, showcasing a power necklace or earring for some interest, and taking your lip color up a notch to avoid looking washed out.

"An interview is still an interview," she said. "Even though it's not in-person, you still want to take how you present yourself seriously."

Michelle's Dos and Don'ts


  • Dress for your personal style. If blazers aren't your thing, try a different jacket or an elevated blouse.
  • Keep it professional. It will help you feel confident and demonstrate you care and understand the industry.
  • Think head-to-toe. Your nails, toes, hair, make up, accessories ... It all matters!


  • Try something new without a test run. It's not the time to try a bold patterned shirt when you normally wear solids.
  • Underdress. This gives the impression you aren't taking the interview seriously.
  • Wear pieces that are too revealing or feel outdated. It's worth investing in an updated look you feel great in, which will help keep the focus on your skills and job qualifications.

Find Michelle on Instagram and Facebook at @michellekrickstyle and at michellekrickstyle.com.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for West Michigan Woman.

This article originally appeared in the Aug/Sep issue of West Michigan Woman.


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