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"I used to feel insecure, inadequate and overwhelmed with the worry of whether I would ever be good enough," remembers Sara Lachman, an award-winning real estate attorney and Managing Partner of Lachman King. "Frankly, I was afraid to take critical risks because I lacked the confidence. My inner voice was on auto-loop with negative thoughts about how I might not measure up."

Most of us are feeling the pinch of the talent market affecting our businesses. I often ask company leaders what their talent strategy is and the truth is, many of them haven't invested any time into creating a playbook for attracting and retaining talent.

The past year has been, if nothing else, a time of constant change.

In 2021, Management Business Solutions (MBS) is proudly celebrating 15 years of delivering top-notch staffing solutions and employment services to West Michigan and national clients alike. Since opening its doors in 2006, MBS has earned a solid reputation for high quality and timely service; and for the ability to meet clients' growing needs for a diverse and multi-faceted workforce with the highest quality talent.

It can be far too easy to end up feeling overwhelmed at work. Though this sometimes does speak to your workload or taking on new tasks and skills, often the root cause has more to do with not having a healthy work-life balance.

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