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A new grant, with a goal of ensuring women who want to enter or advance in the finance industry succeed, has been made available by the Lucy Shair Foundation for Women in Finance. The $5,000 grant is meant to cover expenses such as office space, licensure, and continuing education. 

Just as the name implies, local marketing operations agency 1 Bold Step is all about making bold moves.

Your brand and its identity, mission, style, culture and voice are intrinsically integrated into your business. Therefore, when your business goes through a major change (we'll get into what that could be soon), it might be time to reconsider your brand overall. Before we get into what may necessitate a rebrand, let's explore what rebranding is.

Congratulations! You've just completed a highly anticipated interview for your dream job. You prepared, gave it your best shot, and feel confident about the opportunity. Now what?

Across the world, protests against racial injustice in America have sparked conversation on how racial inequities play out in daily life, including in the workplace.

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