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Spaces-Introvert CroppedWomen who lean toward a more introverted outlook are not necessarily shy, and needing a little calm in each day does not make them less likely to go out and meet new people. Stephanie Wagner considers herself introverted meaning she values her quiet time and prefers to work alone. Even in college when her friends were out, she preferred a movie night in. Now Stephanie is a design consultant, decorator, and business owner, and she is finding ways to incorporate her preferred climate of calm into the spaces of her home.

"In my own home, you can imagine that finding quiet is a challenge. I am surrounded by extroverts looking to me to meet their needs. My son and husband are both live-out-loud people who thrive on social interaction–the louder, the better.  Amid the spinning, dancing, twirling, and bouncing that is my kitchen, I need to find an oasis or I can’t function," Stephanie says.

Spaces-Zsuzsanna KilianWater heaters are second only to household heating when it comes to biggest energy drain on your home, and if your water heater is old, it's probably sucking up more energy than necessary. Educate yourself on the statics and logistics of purchasing a new, energy efficient water heater.

Determine how much energy your water heater is using each month. When you're looking into purchasing a new unit, consider Energy Star-qualified water heaters that save in money and energy use each month. Some energy efficient utilities also qualify homeowners for a tax deduction or in-store rebates.

When we moved into our house seven years ago, I fell in love with the front bedroom. We sit up on a country hill, and the room is filled with morning sunlight and a generous view of rolling hills, evergreen trees, and running horses. My son was gifted this room at first because he was too little to be far away from the Master Suite.

Spaces-Go Green stock.xchngMaking your home green does not mean painting the walls–it means making sure various aspects of your home are environmentally friendly. Try these simple steps to reduce your home's carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment around you.

Spaces-Wiine SpillYou and some friends are sitting in your living room–your pristine, remodeled, perfectly furnished and accessorized living room–enjoying red wine after a hard week. And then, suddenly you see it, wine where it should not be–spilled on your carpet. Before you throw up your hands in defeat, try these tips to prevent a lasting stain:

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