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Happy bachelorette party, girlfriend. You made it. All those parties in college culminated in this BIG DAY.

Put on your big-girl pants, and get your drink on! Of course, you don't want this day to be like all of those boring or overdone parties you've been going to for years. You want your last night as a single lady to be a remembered by everyone lucky enough to share it with you. Well, you've come to the right spot. I've done the digging for you. Here are West Michigan's most unique bachelorette party ideas—for every type of bride-to-be.

Airbnb on the Coast

Sand under your feet, salty (or in Michigan's case, unsalty) breeze in your hair, new sights and sounds—this is your thing. This is where you thrive! You're a wanderluster, always looking for new adventures. Somehow, you want to incorporate your love for new places and new things into the last night ever with your gals. The answer? The newer phenomenon Airbnb and the stellar Michigan coast. Airbnb boasts cozy bungalows and extravagant homes—all on the same website. How nifty is that? In addition to your completely personalized space for your getaway, go all out on the favors with the Pinterest-inspired Get Nauti theme. (Naughty = Nautical. Get it?) Throw in a sex-on-the-beach cocktail and a few shrimp kebabs, and you've got a party.

A few of my fav finds:
The Corkscrew | Holland
Victorian Water-Front Cottage | Holland
Bluewater Cottage | Grand Haven
2BD Waterfront Location | Grand Haven

Get Your Flirt On

If you're a gym rat and proud of it, don't be afraid to get a little frisky and shake things up with your big party. Wrangle up your bridesmaids and make a reservation at Flirt Fitness Studios. Private pole-dancing lessons will get your heart rate up and will burn the calories before you drink them—something everyone can get onboard with. Your personal party instructor will teach you and your maids a super-sexy dance routine to show off at the bar afterwards!

GR Candyland Style

If you're the girl who can't leave the sweets alone at the party or always craves chocolate over potato chips, 1. Let's be friends, and 2. You're in luck: Grand Rapids is killing it on the sweet front. I've gladly sampled and put together a day of goodness that might put you into a sugar coma but hey, it's worth it. Start your morning off at Cherie Inn, one of Grand Rapids' oldest breakfast joints. Hint: The Almond Joy pancakes do not disappoint. Shop around a few boutiques in the Cherry Hill district and stop in at Furniture City Creamery for an afternoon snack. If you can power through, grab lunch at Penelope's Creperie in the Downtown Market and, just for fun, grab a slice of award-winning Sweetie-licious pie for dessert while you're there. You'll know you're a rock star if you aren't sick of sweets yet. And then, spoil yourself with fro-yo at Spoonlickers, because why not? Wedding diets don't matter anyway.

Brush the Night Away

Good news, artistic soul: All of those nights you wanted to "stop right here" to sketch the perfect sunset or paint the country landscape and your friends rushed you by? For your big day, they have to do as you say. Brush Studios of Grand Rapids promises a night of canvas-painting, wine-drinking fun at its inspiring studio. Maybe the best part? You get to take home your uniquely you painting and display it to remember this day forever. If that doesn't get you all sentimental, I don't know what will. Rally up your girls to get their artsy on.

Old-Fashioned Slumber Party

Going out not really your thing? Do not fear! I am all about bringing back the glory days of pillow fights, cookie dough, and old movies—and possibly adding in a few adult beverages to amp things up. Let your gal-pals know you want to stay in and snuggle up. Don't forget to order a pizza or two to top off your movieworthy slumber party. Big Bob's Pizza is a Grand Rapids favorite (and trust me, the BBQ chicken pizza goes great with any cocktail you mix up). This will be a true #TBT version of a bachelorette your friends won't soon forget.

Brewery Tour

Would I be a Grand Rapidian if I didn't include a bachelorette party theme centered on our astute position as Beer City USA? I think not. We have so many phenomenal breweries in town—and more on the way! Start things off with a trip to one of the quaintest breweries in town. (They also make a kick-ass pizza.) Mitten Brewing Company proves itself a tiny, but powerful giant with its collection of on-tap favorites. There's a reason Mitten Brewing is well-known around town. Continue your gal-fest at one of the breweries that started the entire GR beer buzz: Founders Brewing. From the classic All-Day IPA to the seasonal, fruity Rubaeus, Founders has it all. Take a trip up the road to Grand Rapids Brewing Company and then continue east to top things off at Elk Brewing, a smaller brewery where you'll feel right at home. The best part? Elk supplies board games, which we all know are more fun after a few brews.

For even more ideas, see The Knot or Experience Grand Rapids—both excellent resources to get your party planning on. Whatever you do, make sure to throw back a few before your freedom is gone forever. Or before you have a built-in party buddy. However you choose to see it.

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