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Boosting media attention is all a matter of timing and does not have as much to do with the quality of a press release. When putting together a marketing campaign in hopes of media coverage, consider the needs of the editors who are the only ones standing between you and readers.

What employees wouldn't give for a few more hours in the day to actually finish all the things they started out to complete. The surprising thing is, there would be enough time to complete tasks if we stopped wasting time on trivial steps.

When was the last time you took a mental dump? For me, it was Friday, and what a relief it was. You’re probably thinking TMI, right? A mental dump has nothing to do with the restroom, rather, how we handle the information that’s going on in our head.

Using online versions of the traditional press release can increase your search engine optimization (SEO), and drive traffic to your websites. SEO press releases are published internally by the business itself are delivered to every major search engine as well as media outlets. According to PRWeb, the releases are "optimized for search and hugely shareable via social media, online news releases help you boost rankings, increase traffic and bring in better leads." Use online news releases for these reasons:

Staying organized goes hand-in-hand with reduced levels of stress and higher productivity, and the best part is, it can save you money. Going through that stack of papers on the hallway table or on the corner of your kitchen island will yield a cleaner house, and maybe even a little cash. Finding unused gift cards and checks that have yet to be cashed is even better than searching the couch cushions for loose change. Organization may save you money in the long run as well:

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