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If you're tired of only hearing about pain when the topic of sexual health gets brought up, Keystone Pharmacy is shining a spotlight on pleasure with their Ananda Touch Bliss Intimate Oil.

The Ananda Touch Bliss Intimate Oil is formulated by Chief Science Officer Dr. Alex Capano, a nurse practitioner who focuses on sexual and reproductive medicine. Bliss, which was created from a marriage of Dr. Capano's expertise in medicinal cannabis and sexual health, seeks to enhance and equalize the sexual experience for everyone.

"In my clinical practice, I hear from so many patients who are underwhelmed or unfulfilled in their sex lives," Capano said. "This complaint is more common in female-bodied patients. This is often due to dryness or pain. And sometimes it is due to lack of communication and rushing into things. I've actually even written prescriptions for foreplay! But besides that, solutions are limited, especially for female bodies."

With 250 milligrams of active cannabinoids and all-natural ingredients like cacao seed butter, peppermint, and black pepper, Ananda Touch Bliss Intimate Oil is intended to help stimulate and soothe.

According to Capano, Bliss does more than help decrease pain and inflammation—it can also increase natural lubrication and sensation and improve blood flow.

"Sexual dysfunction can stem from multiple causes. One common condition is endometriosis, which affects 167 million people worldwide. Treatment is limited and often invasive," explained Capano. "But cannabinoids may be an option to improve pain and sexual function, as cannabinoids have been shown to stop proliferation of endometriosis. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and other cannabinoids can help with a variety of pain etiologies."

Bliss is the perfect way to tap into your inner sexpot and is suitable for anybody.

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Courtesy of Keystone Pharmacy.


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