Top Tips for Teeing Off

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Your swing a little rusty after the long winter? Golf Digest's top tips for improving your game include:

Swing around your body.
During your practice swings, swing your club an inch or so above the ground to allow for an arc, instead of an up and down motion. You'll gain speed, which means greater distance.

Swing through, not to, the ball.
Keep your momentum through the arc, not just to the point when the club makes contact with the ball, for greater power.

Don't be chicken.
Chicken-winged, that is. Keep your arms extended through the turnover at impact and follow-through, instead of folding at the elbow.

To learn more about proper technique, join us for the West Michigan Woman Golf Clinic on May 13, 2015. Already on top of your game? Sign up for the scramble—same time and place.


  • Date: Wednesday, May 13
  • Scramble/Clinic Start Time: 1 p.m.
  • Dinner/Social/Shop Hop: 5 p.m. (tentatively)
  • Location: Boulder Creek Golf Club, 5750 Brewer Ave NE, Belmont, Michigan 49306
  • Cost: Clinic/$65 per person. Scramble/$80 per person or $300 for a team of four. Tickets include your golf clinic or scramble, appetizers, beverages, and dinner. Not interested in golfing? A social/dinner ticket is $35.

Click here to register.


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