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As the end of the summer and beginning of fall nears, many parents are sending their children off to college, perhaps for the first time. For some, their child may now be living in a city they've never really spent time in. So, what's there to do when you drop them off, visit, or attend a sporting event? Come along as we explore some popular Michigan college towns and offer up a sampling of what's to enjoy in each.

Whether traveling abroad for the first time or visiting a favorite destination you've enjoyed many times before, getting sick or injured are among the last things anyone would want to experience while traveling.

Have a safe and pleasant outdoor hiking experience with these pro tips.

Ludington is a charming lakeside town that offers something for everyone, making it an ideal destination for a family-friendly summer vacation. From its sandy beaches and outdoor activities to its dining options and events, Ludington has plenty to offer families looking for a memorable getaway.

There's a lot of appeal to a vacation that doesn't require airports, Ubers or a large wallet, and Michigan's Upper Peninsula ticks all those boxes. It offers a wide variety of activities and sights, from recreation on the Great Lakes, inland waterways, forests and trails to peeping the Northern Lights, waterfalls and lighthouses. The UP boasts more than 40 lighthouses, 300-plus waterfalls and thousands of miles of trails, making it an ideal travel destination—all year round. Let's explore the three regions.

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