Get (Vacation) Packing!

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Just thinking about a vacation is exciting! It can also be overwhelming—especially when trying to get everything done before you go and, of course, packing! Sometimes it can come together so easily; sometimes, it doesn't.

Yet packing can be fun, when you know how to successfully pack.




A Great Packing Process

  • Start with writing out your itinerary, by day. This itinerary doesn't have to be perfect and it can have some TBD items. What you're really looking for is a guideline from your activities.
  • Review your itinerary and decide what needs you have: casual, dressy, jeans, shorts, et cetera.
  • Put aside an area where you can lay out your outfits. When laying out your outfits, don't forget to put the accessories and shoes with them to complete the look
  • Start with your favorite outfit you love. Plug that into your itinerary. Then your next favorite outfit. And so on.

A Few Tips

  • Always pack some of your favorite items that fit great and bring you joy.
  • Choose a couple of pairs of shoes and build a couple of outfits per pair, so you can bring less footwear. Shoes take up a lot of space in a suitcase; the fewer pairs you take, the better.
  • Treat your jewelry with care. Choose a special bag for carrying your accessories. Use small plastic bags for each necklace, so they don't tangle. Always carry any special accessories with you on the plane.
  • Don't forget layering pieces! Bring an item that can layer over many pieces, in case it gets a little chilly.


MichelleKrick-Headshot 3Michelle Krick is a fashion expert, wardrobe stylist and personal shopper serving West Michigan. Learn more at www.michellekrickstyle.com.

Photos by Christina Elizabeth Photography.


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