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It’s a new year and that means you’re going to exercise more and be nicer and blah, blah insert lofty inspirational goal here. I think we can all agree you are going to continue to shop and hunt for cool home décor pieces so why not at least resolve to find a new, hot spot to scour? 

Finding a marketplace boutique with unique, one of a kind items—things like upcycled painted furniture, repurposed accessories, Tokyo milk brand bath luxuries, Maison Blanche chalk based paint, topiaries, German glass glitter, antiques, and crafts is easier than you think. 

Painted Farmgirl in Hudsonville has so many style solutions for your home, life, and any big decorating ideas you get in the new year. Here you’ll find vintage, brand new, conversation pieces, unexpected pieces, and gifts in a relaxed, booth type atmosphere that has a great flow to it so it seems like one big cache and collection of cool. 

Vendors include Oh Abigail, a darling assemblage of scarves, jewelry, and vintage can’t-live-without pieces alongside the combined efforts of Sew Nifty Thrifty and Pretty Little Things, a corner of goods for you and your home that translate to living the good life—think homespun owl and fox pillows, hair accessories, and small keepsakes for any living space. Another vendor, Laura Leona’s Cottage, has created the space George’s Junk—a picking room where guests can enter and browse among doors, windows, legs, and spindles, really, anything worth throwing your imaginative powers on. 

“Our claim to fame is that we have a pair of vendors—a husband and wife team—that have been picking for more than forty years. They actually sell to Mike Wolfe of American Pickers,” says owner Jana Lynema. The couple, who attend the Country Living fairs, hear often from Wolfe who calls looking for items.  

With a beautiful balance of low end, high end, and discerning product, Painted Farmgirl is not just another store but rather, a way of life, a place to indulge and handpick the items you surround yourself with and live among. It’s a place where picking up items means creating your own perfect slice of the world you want to live in. 

Lynema, who describes the store as “happy, homey, and always changing,” offers weekly, highlighted vendors and certain days where a percentage of the profit benefits charities and scheduled shopping events that include sales, giveaways, refreshments, and plain old shopping fun. Look for flea markets at the store in the spring with the warmer months bringing brats, pop, and chips in the outdoor café area. 

“We want to build some community back into Hudsonville,” says Lynema. Sounds like a good new year’s resolution, doesn’t it? 

Painted Farmgirl is located at 3704 Chicago Drive in Hudsonville. Take a peek at their Facebook page at Painted Farmgirl or call the store at 669-9859 for hours of operation. Warning: one visit is never enough.  

 Written by: Missy Black is a freelance writer for West Michigan Woman magazine. 

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