Don’t Sleep on These Lash and Brow Services

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When it comes to primping your brows and lashes, the possibilities are truly endless, thanks to a bevy of innovative services. From the subtle enhancement to the all out glamorous, take a look at some of the options available.

Lasting 12-18 months, microblading is a semi-permanent technique that uses pigment placed into tiny hair-like strokes in your skin to enhance your brow's shape and fullness. It's great for those looking to cut down on time in front of the mirror or who want brows that don't budge. Lisa Abbott, Brow Artist and Microblading Specialist at Siren & Proper, explains that if you already tint or use makeup to fill in your brows, microblading may be a service to consider.

"With individually placed hair strokes, we can add density to areas of the brows that won't fill in after years of waxing, tweezing or maybe just hairs that were never there," Kaylie said, noting the importance of doing your research. "There are many contraindications, so if you have any health or skin concerns, you should always talk with your doctor or dermatologist first. Make sure to seek out a reputable artist who is licensed and look for pictures of healed microblading, as well."

Another option for improving the fullness and style of your brows is lamination, a service which is essentially a straight perm for your brows that can replace the need for a brow gel. With a staying power of four to six weeks, lamination holds brow hairs in a straight, upward direction, providing a natural looking and "fluffy" brow look. Especially ideal for those with stubborn and unruly brow hairs, the process only takes about 35-45 minutes and requires no downtime.

A lash lift and tint does exactly what it sounds like! The service adds a semi-permanent lift and tint to the lash, enhancing your natural features. According to Ashley Lange, Owner of Sweet Nectar Shop, lash lifts and tints are great for anyone looking to have brighter, bolder eyes and can be as subtle or dramatic as you desire.

"Lash lift and tint services are popular because they truly do add an instant 'wow' factor," Lange said, noting the service requires no downtime and lasts for six to eight weeks. "The lift eliminates the need to curl your lashes daily, and with a successful service, the lift can give the illusion of length and depth to the lashes. The tint can replace mascara, which allows the eyes to shine."

While many are familiar with false strip lashes, gaining in popularity over the last several years is a more semi-permanent option: Lash extensions. Individually hand glued to your natural lashes, extensions last anywhere from four to six weeks, though you'd get a "fill" every two to three weeks if you're hoping to maintain your look. Jaime Wind, Owner of Lav & Lox studio, says if your natural lashes are healthy and can support the weight of extensions, you'd be a candidate for the service.

"I always recommend a consultation with your lash artist if you're unsure," Wind said, noting the service is also a short escape for many and a chance to unwind. "We can do a variety of styles, shapes, lengths, curls and densities to achieve a desired look. Clients love getting their lashes done because it's a time-saver in the morning! And most of my clients find they wear less makeup after getting lash extensions."

Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for West Michigan Woman.

This article originally appeared in the Feb/Mar issue of West Michigan Woman.

Photo Courtesy of Jaime Wind.


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