Dress How You Feel—At Any Age.

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As women mature, we're constantly told to correspond certain things in our lives with our age. Behavior, our accomplishments—the list goes on and on and on.

It's time to throw that idea ALL the way into the bin, especially when it comes to your personal style.

Fashion expert, wardrobe stylist, and personal shopper Michelle Krick notes no matter your age, defining your personal style is vital. You should dress how you truly feel.

"Your style may be classic, boho, trendy or sophisticated. But don't let age define that," Krick said. "Your lifestyle and what you feel confident in should help define your style. Aging creates a renewed sense of self. That focus on knowing who you are should come out in your style and confidence."

Krick adds that age could play into how you wear your style and where you shop.

"If you prefer trendy as your style, at age 55 you might not choose a crop top, but instead reach for a shorter top paired with a darker high-waisted jean. And that is absolutely age-appropriate, but still fitting to your style."

One misconception Krick hears too frequently: Older women only dress to be comfortable.

"Comfort is a way of life nowadays, for all ages. But there's a way to be comfortable and elevated versus comfortable and sloppy or frumpy," said Krick.

"A unique top, fun tennis shoes and a great athleisure pant are all great ways to elevate your casual look—and still be comfortable."

The key is that the items you wear should be working for you, instead of you working for the them.

"As your body changes with age, your clothing choices may need to change and you may need to try some different silhouettes that work better for your current or evolving body shape," said Krick, adding that textiles matter.

"You might want to consider fabrics that drape rather than cling, like rayon instead of cotton."

It's important, Krick advises, to not get caught up in what you used to wear.

Instead, focus on what you need to wear today to feel confident.

"Define your style and make fabric and silhouette choices that fit your body type and you will see your confidence soar."
Never think you are "too old" to wear something. If that item fits your style, Krick encourages you to go for it!

"All trends have a range of choices," Krick said, citing ripped jeans as an example. "At age 55, you may choose a jean with small tears on the bottom or your style may be a bit more daring and you may choose rips at the knees. Either way, you're never too old to wear a trend. It just needs to fit your style and comfort level."

Above all, Krick states, women should not adopt a trend if it doesn't fit their style. And if you have a youthful sense of style, embrace that at any age.

"Clothes are meant to be fun and expressive. Enjoy yourself and take some risks. You've earned it!"

Written by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for West Michigan Woman.

This article originally appeared in West Michigan Woman.

Photo courtesy of Mod Bettie Portraits. 

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