Tired of Drawing on Eyebrows?

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Sculpted eyebrows are on trend right now. But for those of us who have trouble getting them to match each other perfectly—or are just tired of one more thing to do in our morning beauty routine—microblading could be the perfect solution.

By meticulously drawing in simulated eyebrow hairs, trained aestheticians can fill out brows damaged by over-plucking, shape a perfect arch, and create brows that look perfect from the moment you awake in the morning. Because the procedure creates the look of individual hairs, you won't be left looking as though you drew on your eyebrows with a marker.

"Eyebrow microblading is performed by depositing pigment under the top layer of the skin. Unlike permanent makeup brow treatment, the microblading approach involves drawing individual, clean hair strokes that are much more natural looking and blend with your current hairs pattern, thickness and color almost perfectly," said Angela Gill of Renewal Skin Spa in Grand Rapids. "The procedure uses a blade three times smaller than that used with traditional tattoo machines. This allows for thin precise lines like those of your natural eyebrow hair. The procedure is almost painless and well-tolerated."

Microblading is semi-permanent, so if the current trend of bold brows fades, you won't be left looking dated. Because the pigment is deposited under the top layer of skin—instead of more deeply, like a tattoo—the pigment fades more quickly than a tattoo. The initial process takes two to three hours, with a follow-up visit after a month. To maintain the look, it's recommended that you see your aesthetician for a touch-up each year.

Photo courtesy of Renewal Skin Spa.


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