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Amanda Montgomery of Arrae Creative believes first impressions last the longest, which is why she's passionate about providing high-quality images that represent people and their businesses online.

None of us will ever forget 2020. Every single one of us is experiencing this type of hardship for the first time and many days we feel alone, fearful, anxious and are wondering if life will ever go back to normal.

Nearly everything about life seems to have changed this year—and rather quickly. Our worries, anxieties and fears (WAFs) are much more present, and many of us are experiencing WAFs we never have before nor expected to. Perhaps, at this very moment, your brain may be having some trouble—or even some panic—trying to figure out what you'll do about this next set of changes you're facing and the challenges (and maybe even fear) they create.

It's common knowledge: Real estate agents and Realtors® help change lives by helping people find the home of their dreams. But plenty are also doing additional work to better the communities around them.

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