West Michigan’s Only All-Female Morning Show

Engage with the West Michigan Woman Community!

It's been nine months since the first female morning show in West Michigan hit the radio airwaves at 105-3 Hot FM.

Every day since, Rachael Gray and Jackie Green invite you into their lives with every bit of true reality that women face as parents and best friends. They wake up every morning to share a laugh, a cry, and whatever it is they may feel on a day-to-day basis and none of it is filtered for West Michigan.

Two weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic forced many into "work from home," The Gray and Green Show were honored by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters with the Best Morning Show Team in West Michigan award.

Tuning in now, you'll hear two friends stifling laughter and whispering over their microphones at the start of the show, just so they don't wake up their toddlers. The laughs keep coming as these two navigate the "new normal" along with West Michigan.

"We have the same issues everyone else in West Michigan has," said Jackie. "My husband has no idea that while we are trying to be entertaining on air that his loud fart from the kitchen can be picked up on my microphone."

The goal remains the same: Be there for the community, show what working women and mothers can do, and have a blast doing it!

"We want to brighten someone's day, make someone smile and if we can do that and still manage to reward our listening community then at the end of the day, we feel fulfilled by what we are bringing to the airwaves" said Rachael.

Learn more at The Gray and Green Show.

Courtesy of Cumulus Media.



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