Wordhouse Wealth Coaching: Savvy Future Retirees

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What are your retirement dreams? Everyone needs a plan, a roadmap to reach their life goals. Women especially need a plan, as we statistically live longer than men. It is NOT too late to improve your future lifestyle.

According to a recent study from the Insured Retirement Institute, just 69% of working Boomers have money saved for their retirement, while only 50% of retired Boomers have money saved. In other words, half of all retired Boomers are living off of Social Security income, pensions, and other forms of recurring income, rather than retirement savings accounts.

The solution is to understand what you need to do during your working years and to be proactive. You don't need to know anything technical about investing, such as alpha, beta, puts, and calls. Make your retirement years your golden years by following these 4 key steps:

  1. Immediately, commit the first 20% of your gross income to liquid investments that are invested according to the Nobel Prize winning academic strategies. Make the important sacrifices now so you don't have to go without when you retire.
  2. Participate in your employer's matching retirement plan, at least up to the match and also max out your Roth each and every year you earn money.
  3. The economy is global, so how and where you invest determines 91% of your returns. Investing in global bonds and stocks of companies from over 43 free-market countries diversifies your portfolio among at least 23 different asset classes and reduces risk.
  4. Save money by holding your investments in this structured global portfolio through all the ups and downs of the market as their costs are less expensive than index funds.

Be a good steward of your hard earned money, know what it's costing you monetarily and spiritually to be actively engaged or disengaged in preparing for your future. Contact Wordhouse Wealth Coaching if you would like to learn more how we can be a solution for you.

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