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CKO Kickboxing, one of the fastest-growing fitness franchises in the nation, is slated to open their first Midwest location at 616 Lofts on Monroe in early January 2016. President of CKO Grand Rapids, Shelby Reno brings over 20 years of fitness expertise and group exercise know-how to the brand. The kickboxing studio will feature 60 6-foot-tall "heavy" bags to support one-hour group kickboxing and high intensity interval training classes – nearly 40 sessions each week. A Kids' Kick class is on the schedule for late Saturday mornings to give kids an outlet to unleash their high energy while improving agility and building confidence.

Setting themselves apart from other gyms and workout studios, CKO combines heavy bag work, great music, the latest research in cross-training and foundational calisthenics and infuses those elements into each class and into their personal training format. Why? To ensure both large and small muscle groups are engaged, strike techniques become refined and downright fun to execute, and each member's fitness goals and potential are reached. This type of workout eliminates the plateau sometimes found with steady state cardio exercise, thanks to the high intensity interval-based programming. In a one-hour class, kickboxing is designed to burn fat, reduce stress, tone muscles, and burn up to 1,200 calories.

No matter your fitness level, anyone can participate and achieve results. CKO has expert-trained instructors and personal trainers to guide group classes and individual sessions, all the while the client controls the intensity of their output, allowing them to reach their goals, maintain safety, and still push their limits each time they step up to the bag.

In addition to the workout space, CKO will feature a retail section and will offer edgy workout tops, an exclusive line of sports bras, and CKO-branded merchandise including a variety of boxing and MMA gloves and fitness-focused accessories. CKO Kickboxing also offers turnkey party solutions in a private setting where your birthday boy or girl and friends can enjoy a mini kick class complete with obstacle course, simple strike training, craft corner, individual music playlist, and much more. Just add cake and candles.

CKO Grand Rapids is celebrating their grand opening with free trial classes to first-time clients and a pre-sale special monthly rate for the first 100 sign-ups of $49.99 per month (regularly $69.99) with a $49 one-time initial start-up fee (a 50% discount). This pre-sale includes a free t-shirt and starter boxing gloves.

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