Creating a Tranquil Space: A DeGraaf Interiors Room Makeover

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There's always that one room in your home, right? Maybe you've neglected fixing it up because it's simply too daunting a task—or perhaps you simply don't know what to do with it. All too often, our spaces end up being a source of stress and chaos, when they should be our ultimate sanctuary from the storm.

Knowing how common this situation is, DeGraaf Interiors teamed up with West Michigan Woman to offer one local woman a complete, all-expenses-paid room makeover. After putting out the call for nominations and collecting and sorting through dozens of submissions in early spring, Rebekah, a Pilates instructor, birth doula and mother of three boys, was selected for a full room overhaul.

"My bedroom is a total reflection of my inability to prioritize myself for the last several years, and it makes me really sad," Rebekah said of her once disheartening space. Knowing she had put herself on the back burner for so long, DeGraaf Interiors was thrilled to get to work and sent Franklin and her family off for a relaxing hotel stay in nearby Kentwood.

Over the course of the following 48 hours, the DeGraaf Interiors team worked nonstop to transform Rebeka's bedroom into the stylish and tranquil space she's always hoped to have. From installing new carpet, moving in updated furnishings, hanging fresh window treatments, adding decor and brightening the walls up with a fresh coat of paint (done by HL Bolkema Decorating), the room now offered Rebekah an oasis all her own.

Her coveted king-size headboard was professionally cleaned, removing some unwanted blue pen artwork (generously left behind by Rebekah's toddler), and was complemented by crisp new sheets. Little touches, including a repurposed faux floral bouquet and photo of Franklin's loved ones, made the space feel all the more personalized.

Upon walking into her new room for the first time, Rebekah expressed delight with the result.

"Wow, I love this color!" Rebekah said, processing everything about the room that had changed. "It's pretty ... it's really, really pretty. It feels very serene and so much bigger."

In addition to all the work done to Rebekah's bedroom, the DeGraaf Interiors team went above and beyond to extend the makeover by installing new flooring in the uniquely angular hallway and en suite bathroom, along with continuing the bedroom's new carpet into her walk-in closet.

Deb DeGraaf, Owner of DeGraaf Interiors, noted how all the choices the team made for Rebekah's space were intentional to not only match her style, but her life, as well.

"I know the last thing you do when you've got young kids and work full time is do something for yourself," DeGraaf said. "As moms, I think that's our tendency. I wanted to bless this mom with a space that she can call her own and have it be tranquil and relaxing.

"For example, one of the reasons we chose the carpet we did is because it has flecks, so it will hide many things and will clean beautifully. It's lighter, but not impractical. And a lot of the colors and decor we chose were selected to offer a 'take-me-away' kind of vibe."

Thrilled with the outcome of the makeover, Rebekah shared how her bedroom now makes her feel:

Like everything is going to be OK.

"Everyone in the world deserves to have a space that complements their mood, their lifestyle ... their whatever!" Rebekah said. "But you know, it's a privilege and a luxury to be able to even pick out anything, so it feels really cool to have that chance. I love spending time in my room and my bed, and this is an absolutely huge upgrade. It's just so wonderful. Thank you!"

Watch Rebekah's reaction to the reveal of her new room below:


Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for West Michigan Woman.

This article originally appeared in the Jun/Jul '22 issue of West Michigan Woman.


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