Is Your Water Heater Running?

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Spaces-Zsuzsanna KilianWater heaters are second only to household heating when it comes to biggest energy drain on your home, and if your water heater is old, it's probably sucking up more energy than necessary. Educate yourself on the statics and logistics of purchasing a new, energy efficient water heater.

Determine how much energy your water heater is using each month. When you're looking into purchasing a new unit, consider Energy Star-qualified water heaters that save in money and energy use each month. Some energy efficient utilities also qualify homeowners for a tax deduction or in-store rebates.

Investing in a new, quality unit may cost more up front, but over time, your wallet will thank you. The GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater, made by GE, may have a more expensive price sticker than other units, but the heater is 62 percent more efficient than standard electric heaters.  An energy efficient water heater can save nearly $320 in a year, consider that when you're pricing new units.

Make sure your new unit can handle the job of heating water in your home. Make note of your old unit's capacity to heat when purchasing something new. Measure the space in your utility closet where the water heater will go to make sure it will fit.

If you have questions about your home's water system or installation, call a plumber. When in doubt, ask the expert.

Source: Energy Digital Photo: Zsuzsanna Kilian

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