Is an Open Concept Kitchen for You?

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The idea of an open concept kitchen has been a growing trend for some years now. But some of our homes still have kitchens separated from the dining area/living area. Without the time, inconvenience and expense of building an addition, a wall can often be removed or partially removed to create a feeling of spaciousness—without sacrificing functionality.

The benefits of an open concept could include the creation of more natural light. In some cases, larger exterior windows can now be installed, which were not allowed in the previous layout. Another less tangible benefit is the ease with which family and friends can mingle and spend valuable time together. The cooks can now interact with their family members or guests as they putter around the kitchen. A couple of tips: Try to use the same flooring in the new space and coordinate the colors as well, bringing unity and spaciousness into the overall design.

Contact the qualified DreamMaker team to create the space you've imagined! They can also be reached by phone, at 616.632.2284.

Photo courtesy of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greater Grand Rapids.


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