Small-Scale Kitchen Remodels

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According to Remodeling magazine, minor kitchen remodels averaged about $19,000 in 2015, with an almost 80 percent recoup rate on resale value. A minor kitchen remodel usually involves keeping the same footprint, but updating various facets of the kitchen. Whether you're updating to put your house on the market or to please yourself, there are a variety of upgrades that can make a remarkable difference—without the price tag of an all-out renovation.

Cabinetry can be expensive to replace in its entirety, but as long as your existing cupboards have "good bones," it's possible to upgrade their look by refacing them with new doors and incorporating other new materials. "Replacing the backsplash, installing new countertops, and upgrading the hardware on cabinets can completely change the look of a kitchen," said Leasha Tescari, of Standale Interiors. Aftermarket upgrades such as slide-outs could also make older cupboards feel more modern. Don't plan on switching out old cupboards after placing a new granite countertop on them, however. "It's important to approach upgrades in the right order," Tescari said, "and it's best to do them at the same time."

Cabinets and countertops can be resurfaced for a fresh look. Many paint stores offer specially packaged DIY kits, or you could hire a professional. "If you have expertise, there are some DIYs you can do. But it's also important to be realistic about your time frame, and whether or not you have the time to complete such a project," Tescari said. While some may be leery of whether resurfacing will hold up to heavy use, "If you do it the right way, it can last," said Emily Alt, of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen.

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Photos courtesy of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen.

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