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When Children, Well … You Know!
Have you ever been surprised by your children while in a romantic situation with your partner? It can be the ultimate embarrassment, loaded with awkwardness, as the examples attest.

THE SCENARIO: The Darling’s fourth child had finally graduated from bassinet to crib, and Mr. and Mrs. Darling were excited to finally have their bedroom back to themselves so they could enjoy a romantic evening. In the middle of the act, Mrs. Darling looked up to see her four-year old daughter standing next to the bed.

THE OUTCOME: The child inquired of the situation, and Mrs. Darling feigned she had something in her eye and her husband was helping get it out. With the romantic moment ruined, the only thing left to do was laugh. “Did you lock the door?” is now considered foreplay for this duo.

ANOTHER SCENARIO: Connie, from the Connie and Curtis morning radio show on 95.7, was the child walking in on her parents. Connie was attending college, but because classes were canceled, she headed home. “I was already at school and they thought I was going to be gone for that night. I noticed two drinks on the steps leading up the stairs.” She also noticed the door to her parent’s bedroom halfway closed; the lights were off and giggling came from the room. “I said, ‘Mom and Dad, what are you doing?!’”

ANOTHER OUTCOME: Mortified, her father came downstairs and acted like she’d busted him for doing something wrong. With his “hair all messed up” and “nervous chatter” about nothing in particular, Connie knew his sheepish attitude didn’t really help the situation. While Connie “never saw Mom that night,” she joked that her dad could’ve stayed upstairs to avoid the awkwardness. Her advice to parents: Explain to children that their parents love each other and “like to play together, and that’s what they were doing.” It seems a simple enough explanation for younger minds—and not altogether untrue. The bottom line: “Put a lock on your door and use it, because you never know when a war is going to start and school is going to be cancelled!”

NOTE: Neither couple noted above experienced intimacy issues after the dreaded surprise/sneak attack; you might chalk this up to dumb luck. Don’t take the chance of possibly getting caught in the act: Lock the door, find a barricade, and hope for the best.

Written by: Missy Black, a West Michigan Woman contributing writer, penned the original version of this article.

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