Date Ideas Running Stale?

Engage with the West Michigan Woman Community!

If you are like us, you are always keeping your eyes open for a unique date idea in West Michigan. West Michigan Woman magazine partnered with WZZM to cover four local couples who were game to try some new ideas.


Unknown Physical Fitness & Adventure
Read about Mark and Stephanie's experience blazing new, snow-covered trails with snowshoes on their feet. West Michigan offers all season adventures so add some creativity to your dating agenda. Some ideas for the four seasons would be: Hiking, paddle boarding, rock climbing - indoor or outdoor, skiing, biking.
Unknown-2 Romance with Flavor
Add a little spice and some culinary knowledge to your relationship. Read about Angie and Chad's cooking event. This date idea can have lasting effects as you learn how to make delicious meals! West Michigan offers some great opportunities for cooking experiences. Check out The Local Epicurean or The Downtown Market.
Unknown-3 Brew Good Feelings
Add a little barley, hops, and water and you will be brewing more than romance! Read about Jill and George's experience at Saugatuck Brewing Company. Fun date idea for you and your significant other or share the adventure with another couple. There's plenty of beer to go around!

Unknown-4 Shot to the Heart
Married to a hunter like Kasie? Read about Kasie's experience when she joined her husband Jason at the Silver Bullet Fire Arms and was introduced to guns and the shooting range.

We encourage you to share your ideas with us and to keep the adventure going in your relationships!


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