Break the Ice with Your Ex

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Small communities remind residents that it truly is a small world after all. As such, chances are if you have an ex living in the West Michigan vicinity, you'll run into him sooner or later. How do you break the ice when you see him for the first time? What's the best way to sound sophisticated, put together, and not at all like you're pining for the good old days? If you know, please tell us, because we don't, but we do have some tips for making that conversation as civilized as possible.

Don't be afraid to say hello. If you saw him, he probably saw you, and running to the other side of the room will make the situation worse. With confidence, walk right up to him and just say it! "Hello." Practice it in the mirror if you're nervous.

Stick to light subjects. You've dated, so you have common interests, and that means you already have an arsenal of questions to ask or updates to give. It's ok to ask about friends, family, work, etc. When all else fails, talk about the weather.

Do not mention the break up. It happened, you both know it, and whether he did the breaking or you did, it never feels good to sever ties. Leave your emotions in your diary, and steer the conversation away from the topic if it starts to bare its ugly head.

End on a positive note. You're both moving on, so leave your conversation in the present. Don't over-analyze it, don't take civilized talking to mean you're getting back together. And when you see each other next time, you'll know the saying hello part will be a little bit easier.

Written by West Michigan Woman staffers: Erika Fifelski and Julie Kalinowski

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