Five-Day Challenge for Empty Nesters

Engage with the West Michigan Woman Community!

Nicole Zaagman, founder of LUX CHIX has created a free five-day challenge, beginning March 1.

Discover inspiration, meditation, and tips to create the life you want. This challenge is specifically designed for women in empty nest transition. However, the topics being covered apply for women in all stages of life.

Topics include:

  • Day 1 - Introduction
  • Day 2 - Your dream
  • Day 3 - Your struggle
  • Day 4 - Subconscious vs. conscious mind
  • Day 5 - Positive energy


  • Vision Board Exercise
  • Love Meditation Exercise
  • Limiting Beliefs Exercise
  • Underwear Drawer Exercise (Surely that caught your attention!)

Click here to learn more about the challenge!

Know of a special woman in your life who'd benefit from participating? Share the challenge Facebook invite with her!

LUX CHIX is a movement empowering health conscious wonder women to create a successful lifestyle and follow their dreams. Founder Nicole Zaagman hopes to help women answer questions like: "Who am I?," "What's next in my life?," and "What is my purpose?"


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