Liz Della Croce: Inspired Dishes and Vibrant Flavors

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Since 2010, Liz Della Croce has grown a loyal following of health-conscious readers from all over the world as creator and author of The Lemon Bowl®, a healthy food and travel blog. Focusing on seasonal ingredients and whole foods, Liz's recipes are inspired by global flavors, including the Syrian and Jewish dishes of her childhood.

Liz's talents have been showcased through live tv appearances on the TODAY Show, in addition to various national publication features including Woman's World, Good Housekeeping, Real Simple, Shape, Food Network blog and more. In 2013, Liz founded Fresh Air Retreat, a high-level, intimate retreat connecting expert food influencers with brands to learn, grow, network and foster connections. She'll be hosting her 10th annual #FreshAirRetreat in Austin, Texas this fall.

What makes you so passionate about food and eating well?
My dad is a doctor, so growing up I learned from an early age the power of food to help prevent disease. My mom would always take me to the Fulton Street Farmers Market on the weekends to stock up on seasonal Michigan produce including strawberries, asparagus, peaches and more. In my early 20s, through portion control and regular fitness, I achieved weight loss success.

What's your advice for someone who wants to start cooking more for themselves/their family but are struggling to find their rhythm?
Taking 20 minutes to meal plan on a Sunday will save you hours throughout the week (and hundreds of dollars from avoiding takeout or the drive thru). Set yourself up for success by planning your meals for at least four to five nights of the week. I like to start by scoping out the flyer section at my local grocery store, then building a meal around what's on sale. Another tip is to cook once and eat twice. For example, I recently slow cooked a three-pound beef chuck roast on a Sunday, which I used throughout the week in salads, wraps, burrito bowls and more.

Talk about your involvement with the American Cancer Society's Taste of Hope event!
It's a huge honor to be returning for a second year to judge Taste of Hope 2023. As a home cook, I have so much respect and admiration for all the local chefs who make the Grand Rapids culinary and restaurant scene so rich and exciting. If you're a foodie looking for a fun night out with friends and colleagues, I highly recommend getting involved with Taste of Hope. Not only is it to raise much needed funds for ACS, but it's so important we show up and cheer on all of the hard working restaurant professionals who will be working hard to make the event a huge success.

Check out over 1,500 healthy and delicious recipes at TheLemonBowl.com, and follow Liz on social @TheLemonBowl.

Taste of Hope: A Chefs Competition, a fundraising event hosted by the American Cancer Society, takes place on November 6, 2023 at Frederik Meijer Gardens. Learn more at acstasteofhopewmi.org.

Edited by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for West Michigan Woman.

This article originally appeared in the Oct/Nov '23 issue of West Michigan Woman.

 Photo Courtesy of Amanda Kamppinen. 


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