Music in Her Soul: Cathy Holbrook

Engage with the West Michigan Woman Community!

Mass media, communication, music. West Michigan native Cathy Holbrook was moving back home from California when she learned of an opportunity with St. Cecilia Music Center. The venue hosts more than 23,000 hours of music education yearly. Its Presenting Series gives community members an opportunity to see world-renowned, highly in-demand artists in their genre, in a gem of an intimate hall in West Michigan. And so much more had blossomed and continues to grow as Holbrook celebrates 10 years with St. Cecilia as its executive director.

St. Cecilia as an organization has a rich history, but it was time for some things to move forward. The St. Cecilia Music Society name was changed to St. Cecilia Music Center to relay the message to the community that everyone is welcome. Holbrook was the driver of the Jazz Series, started the Folk Series and was integral in creating the partnership with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, working closely with CMS artistic directors (cellist) David Finkel and (pianist) Wu Han.

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