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Your financial health can also impact overall health.

When we think about mental and physical wellness, we may consider the obvious: nutrition, exercise and stress management. But the health of our finances can play a surprisingly large role in our overall wellness. Given that knowledge, Cat McMacken, Choice Map Product Manager at Community Choice Credit Union, offers these four tips:

1. Pay yourself first.
Embracing automated options to pay yourself first—by automatically allocating a portion of your income to savings—can support the development of your financial health.

Community Choice members can leverage savings Targets to automate monthly contributions to specific funds or goals. Additionally, e-Banking facilitates automatic bill payments and check deposits via mobile phones. Community Choice's app can even help you generate a budget.

"You want to consider both your next savings goal and longer-term goals as well," McMacken said.

2. Take credit seriously.
A solid credit score not only increases your chances of loan approval but also secures lower interest rates and higher credit limits.

Community Choice's personal advisors collaborate with members to enhance or maintain their credit scores. This is important because credit cards and loans are a normal part of a healthy financial mix.

"Having a good credit score allows you more flexibility," explained McMacken, "and it makes borrowing more affordable." Community Choice members also have complimentary access to their credit scores.

3. Simplify by saving time and pursuing financial goals.
Simplifying your financial life can save both time and money. Take advantage of convenient services that provide greater access to your financial accounts and streamline the process of managing them.

No matter what your savings goal is, utilizing your financial institution's app, digital banking services, automated bill pay and more can help. Consider consolidating your banking relationships and enrolling in a credit union's rewards program.

"We have many digital tools that can support a stress-free financial plan," McMacken said. "You can get a lot accomplished just by automating some of your financial activities."

4. Plan and protect your future.
Beyond your bank balance, financial health includes proper insurance coverage, retirement planning and establishing a will or trust to protect your assets. Consulting an expert can help you navigate your options.

Whether you need home, auto, or life insurance; loan protection; or help with a will or trust, Community Choice members can access a network of specialized partners for guidance.

"We want to arm our members with the information they need, so they can make more informed decisions about their comprehensive financial wellness," McMacken said.

Learn more by visiting Community Choice Credit Union.

Courtesy of Community Choice Credit Union.


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