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Maria Kuitula and Phyllis Wordhouse, wealth coaches at Wordhouse Wealth Coaching, are busy saving investors in nineteen states from making common investing errors and falling into the "Investors' Trap."

This "Trap" keeps investors on information overload, worried about investment scandals, afraid of missing the market, and concerned about their future. Investors want and need security, but are speculating and gambling by allowing their brokers to market time, underperform, and pick stocks and mutual funds based on past historical returns.

You can avoid that. It does not matter how many degrees you have or what your income is; you can invest exactly like the multimillionaires, who use Nobel Prize-winning strategies. Save time and money by taking control of your financial future and investing according to your values. Because we work virtually, your whole family can become successful investors, no matter where they live. Also, the Free Market Funds are voluntarily audited annually according to the Global Investment Standards (GIPS), to protect you, the investor.

Check out our more than seventy-five short (two- to four-minute) Investor Education video classes on our website, www.WordhouseWealthCoaching.com, and quickly learn about free market global investing—the simplest, least expensive, and most easily understood stress-free way to invest!

Make a complimentary appointment to see if Wordhouse Wealth Coaching is a good fit for you, and receive a copy of our book, Stress-Free Investing.


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