The World’s a Stage: Broadway Graduation Party

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I love the moment in time that a graduation party celebrates—the success of completing one chapter in your book, as well as the excitement of how you will write the next chapters. There’s so much to reflect upon and look forward to that it’s just no wonder people want to have a party! Here are a few of my ideas for a Broadway-themed graduation party …

A DIY marquee sign welcoming guests immediately lets them know that this party is all about the stage!  The graduate’s name is an obvious choice (and who wouldn’t want that for their first apartment or dorm room?!), but the graduation year or an inspiring word (Success, Dream, et cetera) would also be great!

Since there are usually two or three weekends that seem to be the popular choices for graduation parties, I recommend going with lighter and unique food choices. (Seriously, your guests will thank you!) For a Broadway theme, I would do a popcorn bar with multiple flavors and sprinkles. Sweet, savory, and salty all go well with popcorn and, displayed in black or silver tins or glass cylinders with black ribbon, they can look great. Purchase small glassine bags (such as these) for guests to eat out of, and you’re set! For an extra touch, the bags could be stamped or printed with a party logo. Details, people.

I always love a photo booth for parties—and when we’re talking about a party for theatre kids, you really can’t pass it up. The backdrop could be a black or red curtain, or a cut-out made to look like a Playbill. For this crowd, make sure to include props! Top hats and boas are essential, but don’t stop there! And I still recommend an instant print camera (such as the Fuji Instax Mini), so guests can take some of the photos with them and leave a few for the graduate. Add a scrapbook for friends and family to insert photos, memories, and well-wishes, and you have a great keepsake!

For decor, you can’t go wrong with a black and white color scheme. But adding gold and silver or an accent color would be great, as well. A few Broadway movie posters—either the graduate’s favorite choices or from shows they performed—would be great decor that would be loved long after the party is over. Add a few of these behind your popcorn bar and you’re set. And I love these Broadway season posters. They're the perfect touch for displaying the graduation year. Playbills or mini posters would be great for table décor: They can be put on picks for floral arrangements, framed, or hung as a bunting.

And don’t forget the music! For a Broadway-themed party, make sure you are constantly playing the graduate’s Broadway favorites!

Click here for vintage-themed graduation party inspiration and get more tips and ideas for graduation party planning in the April issue of West Michigan Woman. 

Written by: Rebecca Lemon, writer and founder of This Nest is Best, West Michigan event planning and design blog. Rebecca lives in Grand Rapids and enjoys planning and designing events that celebrate milestone events in her clients' lives.


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