Delicious Tailgating Snacks!

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Football season is upon us, which means it's also time to prepare for some tailgating festivities! And if you're looking for some crowd-pleasing game day dishes beyond the obvious burgers, brats and other delicious grill fare, we've got you covered. Keep reading for some of our favorite recipes that will take home a W, no matter what the final score of the game ends up being.

Usually, tailgate parties include food for a number of people. So, if you're bringing a dish, you'll likely need for it to feed more folks than are usually seated at your normal dinner table. Enter: Dips! Easy to make and with endless possibilities, dips are a go-to among many seasoned tailgate aficionados. A few of our favorites include a Dill Pickle Dip (served cold with pretzel rods or veggies), Mexican Street Corn Dip (which includes flavorful Cotija and Tajín), and a delicious Hot Mustard Beer Cheese Dip.

It's safe to say nobody wants to struggle or create a mess when eating their food. Thanks to these handheld options, making a mess will be the last thing on your mind. Chow down on some Italian-Style Pinwheel Sandwiches (which can be made vegetarian!); Tortellini Skewers (for a fork-free pasta salad); and these easy-to-eat Ham and Cheese Ritz Cracker Sandwiches (which can be roasted ahead of time or served deli style).

You can't forget the sweets! In addition to all the recipes mentioned above, consider making one (or all) of these sweet dishes to round out the tailgating experience: This Cheesecake Dip (served with animal crackers, apples or graham crackers); Pretzel S'mores Bites (for the perfect combo of salty and sweet); and Mini Brownie Bites (the perfect poppable treat).

Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for West Michigan Woman.


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