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This past fall, at West Michigan Woman's sold-out November Wine Down—CBD & Me—the audience wanted to learn all they could about CBD products.

An angle there wasn't time to cover was how CBD is being used in food and drink. Grand Rapids-based Grand Remedy CBD often provides mocktails and infused foods at West Michigan events. Ryan Lafferty, the company's co-founder, offers his insight on this blossoming trend.

What do you believe is the best way to use CBD products?

Tinctures are the most popular method to take CBD—they're loved for their ease of use and because they are so customizable. You can find tinctures formulated at different strengths and to help with a variety of ailments. Many customers find themselves wanting to incorporate CBD into recipes. This is done for novelty, palatability or to slip the benefits of CBD into an already-familiar recipe.

What effects might people notice?

People can expect to feel a well-balanced, "calm" effect. Anxiety/nerves can be loosened, there can be relief for inflammation and one's mood can be lifted. In addition to CBD, full-spectrum CBD oils are full of phytocannabinoids and other cannabinoids. These components work together and activate our endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for keeping our bodies balanced, calm, and relaxed. Grand Remedy CBD is made with MCT oil. This means that it's not water-soluble and has to be emulsified into beverages or thoroughly mixed into recipes.

What are the benefits of consuming these foods and drinks?

CBD-infused foods are a fun way to get CBD into your body or serve it to others. We serve CBD "mocktails" at all of the CBD events we attend. It gives attendees the same relaxing effects of alcohol, without the alcohol! It's a fun tradeoff or alternative to your usual party cocktail.

How could people safely make CBD-infused recipes at home?

Simply choose the amount of CBD you want to add to your food or beverage, measure accordingly, and make sure the CBD is thoroughly combined. Smoothies are a great way to infuse CBD, because they are packed with nutrition and the blender does a great job of mixing the CBD with other ingredients. CBD lattes have also been rising in popularity. Many people start their day with a cup of coffee—which can lead to a crash, jitters, accelerated heart rate or even heightened anxiety. CBD helps balance out the effects of coffee and brings along its own benefits.

CBD Summer Mule

15mg Good Vibes CBD
2 oz. pineapple juice
10 oz. ginger beer
3 oz. vodka (optional)
Lime wedges
Mint springs

1. Add pineapple juice, CBD and vodka (if you're using it) to a shaker.
2. Pour the mixture over ice and ginger beer.
3. Garnish with a lime wedge and mint leaves!



Written by Jennifer A. Pascua, Content Engagement Manager for West Michigan Woman.

Photo courtesy of Grand Remedy CBD.

This article originally appeared in the June/July 2020 issue of West Michigan Woman.



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