New Day Foundation for Families: Supporting Families in the Fight Against Cancer

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A financial bridge for Michigan families fighting cancer, born out of the legacy of two special people.

Over the course of two months in 2006, Gina Kell and Michael Spehn each lost their spouse to cancer. Both were parents of young children, struggling to make sense of their new situation. In the wake of these unimaginable losses, they were able to support each other through their shared faith, ultimately blending their families through marriage.

Motivated by their personal experiences and a deep desire to help families cope with the financial and emotional burdens of cancer, Michael and Gina co-founded New Day Foundation for Families. The legacies of their first spouses, Matt Kell and Cathy Spehn, are the heart and soul of the organization. With the strong belief that no family should fight cancer alone or make unthinkable choices between medical treatment and providing basic necessities, New Day works with hospitals across Michigan to improve quality of life and treatment outcomes for cancer patients.




The reach of Gina and Michael's story has been vast and has touched the hearts of countless people. The story has been shared through their New York Times Bestseller, "The Color of Rain," which was also adapted into a highly rated Hallmark Original movie. Since then, they've been national speakers and radio talk show hosts, sharing their message of faith, hope and love. The legacies of their late spouses and their faith are what guide their lives and commitment to the cancer community.

"Cancer care should be much more than diagnosis and treatment," said Gina Kell Spehn, President and Co-Founder of New Day Foundation. "While these must remain the top priorities for doctors and patients, there is so much more that must be considered—wrap-around social support services have a huge impact on cancer treatment outcomes.

"Organizations like New Day step in and provide immediate financial assistance and emotional support to cancer patients, caregivers and family members. Statistics show that if a cancer patient is worried about finances, their risk of dying is roughly double. Additionally, 88% of New Day families surveyed said that working with us helped them maintain medical compliance during treatment, rather than dropping out of treatment plans due to the high cost."

New Day's work is in part supported by statewide events, including the upcoming Happy Hour for Hope on June 6 at CityFlatsHotel in Downtown Grand Rapids. The event is an evening of drinks, hearty appetizers, live music and includes a keynote address from special guest speaker Kristie Hollingsworth, cancer survivor and COO of Developing Dreams.

Learn more about the Foundation and secure your tickets to Happy Hour for Hope by visiting New Day Foundation for Families.

Courtesy of New Day Foundation for Families.

 Photos Courtesy of TEDx Detroit and New Day Foundation for Families Fighting Cancer. 


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