The First Signs of Spring

Engage with the West Michigan Woman Community!

The surprising and inspiring West Michigan Home and Garden Show is celebrating over 40 years of bringing just what West Michigan needs in March: The first signs of Spring!

From March 5-8 at DeVos Place, connect with all the local businesses you need for your home improvement and renovation projects, not to mention landscaping, gardening, deck, patio and outdoor living plans. The show is a tradition of the season and for the season. Leave winter behind and let the show delight your senses and inspire you to realize all of your dreams for your home this year.

We're proud that almost all of our nearly 350 exhibitors are local businesspeople and companies who care about and support our community. You will find these businesses provide outstanding service to their customers, and many of them even manufacture products right here in Michigan. Come meet them, find the experts you need for your specific projects and get the best first hand advice all in one place. You can feel good knowing you're doing business with your community neighbors!

You'll forget where you are when you find yourself among waterfalls, rock gardens, decks and patios, petals and plants, blossoms and blooms, perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees, and more. No, those gardens haven't been growing there for months—some of the best landscapers in Michigan have built them just for you. It's an ideal escape for anyone who loves to walk through a beautiful garden, enjoys strolling the annuals section at your local greenhouse, or even just likes sitting on a beautiful patio with a cold beverage.

Whether you're a Certified Master Gardener or don't know a trowel from a tiller, you don't need a green thumb to appreciate what's around you. You'll be sure to come away with loads of ideas for your own garden and landscaping projects.

The West Michigan Home & Garden Show comes to DeVos Place the first weekend of March every year. To be there is to experience a transformation of seasons that will inspire your own next transformation.

Written by Carolyn Alt, Senior Manager, ShowSpan Inc.

Courtesy of ShowSpan Inc.


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